centro editoriale valtortiano

The Valtortiano Editorial Center – initialed CEV – was established in 1985 by Emilio Pisani, son of Michele Pisani (1896-1965), who was the first editor of Maria Valtorta (1897-1961).

In the articles of association we read that the CEV has “the specific and priority aim of developing, documenting and spreading the knowledge of Maria Valtorta in the person, in the writings and in the ideals: in the person, through historical-documentary research, the collection of testimonies , the conservation of things that belonged to you, the protection of your name and your memory, the initiatives to impose you in the civil, cultural and ecclesial field; in the writings, through the printing and the sale of literary works and of every documentation of Her and on Her, both in the Italian language and in the translations; in ideals, through the dissemination of religious instruction, especially biblical, in the Catholic sense “.

The CEV is based at the Isola del Liri, a pleasant town in Lazio, in central Italy, which owes its name to the river Liri, which divides behind an ancient castle, flows downstream forming two waterfalls and rejoins its branches after having embraced the nucleus of the town.

The waters of the river favored the paper mills that at the beginning of the 19th century some French entrepreneurs, coming in the wake of Joachim Murat, elected king of Naples by Napoleon Bonaparte, wanted to install right in the territory of the island, which became one of the most important centers Europeans for the production of paper, together with the paper and felt industry.

In the following century there also flourished the book production of a printing-publishing house, which mainly printed on behalf of religious institutes and Roman congregations. It was thus possible for its owner, Michele Pisani, to become acquainted with the manuscript work of Maria Valtorta and become its brave publisher.

The CEV, which is its Valtortian branch that has become a tree, was born from that printing-publishing house. Counted as one of the exporting publishers that every year is awarded a prize by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the CEV has also obtained, several times since 1995, the Culture Award from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.